There are several aircraft that operate their Flights to Natuna Island. LION AIR or WINGS AIR is the leading Flight operator for
Natuna in addition to Sriwijaya Air Line.

If you visit territories from Asia it would be better if you start your trip from Singapore, go to Batam and then continue to
Ranai Natuna. If you visit from Denpasar – Bali or other cities in Indonesia, it would be better for you to start your trip from Jakarta
then continue your flight to Batam. Traveling from Batam to Ranai Natuna will take around 90 minutes. While ϔlights from Jakarta to Batam usually take around 90 minutes.


By Boat

PELNI is one of the major Sea Transport Operators in Indonesia. The trip to Natuna by sea will take about 2 days which can be
made from Tanjung Pinang and Pontianak