Marus Sand Beach is located in the District of West Bunguran precisely on the island of Sedanau, which is very popular as the main attractions of the island of Sedanau.

The beauty of this beach is of its slope, which creates a beautiful scenery for the visitors.

The shoreline is not too deep so it is safe for the both adults and children who want to dive, swim and bathe there.

In addition, visitors will be able to see the vast panoramic view of the South China Sea from a distance.


Satai Island

Pulai Satai (Satai Island) keeps its underwater exotism. If lucky, we can see a large group of ϔish passing in front of our eyes during snorkelling and diving.

Senoa Island

Pulai Senua (Senua Island) is a beautiful exotic island, with white sands and clear water. Heaven for the growth of coral reefs and
various fishes and other marine biota.

Senua Island is included in East Bunguran District, precisely located opposite Depempang Village. Besides famous with its beauty, this island keeps legend from generation to generation which is still believed until now.

It is said that, Senua Island is the incarnation of a pregnant woman called Lamah. In the local language, the word “senua” associated with a figure of two bodies. Because of that,it is not surprising that the island is seen to have a form like a pregnant woman (with two bodies).

Sisi Beach

The beach stretches from the Gulf of Entebung Kampung Payak until Teluk Resak, Kampung Jermalik. To reach the beach area, one can go through Entebung or Engkalan, Kampung Genting.

Every afternoon, the beach is crowded not only with the young people who come to relax, but also the parents who come with
their families. The beach is never quiet.

When dawn, many activities on the beach can be seen. The local fishermen who will go down to sea to catch Gerinsi fish, then
during the day, people will come to the beach to wait to buy the first directly for the fishermen to return from the sea.


If you are snorkeling, diving and other water sports, you should bring your own equipment, because Natuna Island is still rarely renting professional diving equipment.

If you want to visit the islands that are close to Natuna such as Senoa Island, Pulau Tiga etc., it is recommended starting at 11:00
a.m. to 3:00 p.m., because the water is not so low, so you will not experience the event the ship ran aground on the reef.